After Nobel Peace prize to Obama… Obama Peace Prize

Recently, on the announcement of Nobel Prize for Peace being awarded to Obama… a great hype was created. Google query nobel+obama+joke already hits 2.3 Million pages.

But, where did it all begin? When was Nobel Prize created? I guess it was when the inventor of Dynamite, a weapon of Mass Destruction, realized “Oh God! What have I done!” To make sure history not only remembers himself as a merchant of death, Nobel Prize would have been formulated.

Now! What will happen when Obama or the people who awarded Peace prize to Barack Obama realize their probable mistake? The best thing to do is follow the suite of Alfred Nobel… Create a new prize for those who really work for world peace… The Obama Peace Prize.

Against me and God, The only advantage He has… “He can test me.”

Against me and God, What advantage does GOD have?

Can God Change my Future?
Can God Change my Past?
I Can not change my future. And If God has already decided my future, even He can not Change it.
I can put all my effort to SHAPE  my future.
About past; Past is Gone. Neither can He change it, nor can I?
So what difference does it make between me and Him?
He can Test Me.
I would not test Him. 
I religiously believe he is there.

Me as MsTwitter India

What has kept me busy? Or rather me and my tweeples busy?

I just came across the competition for I am not bothered about the price of being a winner. Also, what was the price given to the Olympic winners first few years? Any Idea? Tell me what are your thoughts?

Its never about what you get after the victory. The victory is much more important.

Last night, my page from MsTwitterIndia contest was removed. But then, today, thanks to some very good tweeples, I am back at no. 2. Back into competition. Please vote for me And, if you are not already, follow me on twitter for some thoughts on philosophy.

What is the reason for the comeback from No.1 -> Nowhere -> No.1?
Am I so great? I am far far way from greatness. I am a simple human being.
But, my Tweeples are great. A great thanks to all of them who have spared some of their time to vote for me almost every 20 minutes or so.

Update: 2009.06.14 20:08
Original @gulpanag was at number 2 yesterday night. Me at No. 1., Today Me at No. 1, @Mallika at No.2. @gulpanag is back in the list. I also vote for @gulpanag