Is it a waste of time?

Time is never wasted. Its invested.

Define “waste of time“?

May be, I am wasting time — while putting this random blog!
May be, You are wasting time — while reading this random blog/tweet!

For me, this is not a waste of time. Its an investment of time.
Remember! Time is money.

There are many types of investments…

Dead investment

Sometimes, money goes into a “dead investment“. ¬†Sometimes you do a deliberate dead investment. ¬†E.g. you lend it to a close friend in severe need of it, without even thinking of when she would return back.

Long term investment

An investment that is definitely a “dead investment” in short term.
One has no interest, what so ever, on the returns in the short term.
The only focus is on Long term goals.

For me, this is a “long term investment” in a age of social networking…

What are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Is it a waste of time?”

  1. I agree that time spent on twitter is not time wasted. It is an investment in friendship. I have found a lot of friends here. Many as young as my daughter who is 25 today and some younger and much older too.

    Time is wasted if you are doing nothing and just sitting idle. We have but one life and we must make the best of it.

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