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There may be some rough edges in If something is broken, or can be made better, feel free to share your thoughts.


Ratatouille – Anyone can write and publish

Just like Ratatouille (movie) – Anyone Can Cook, me and my husband have been trying to make it easy for anyone to write and publish a professional quality Book.

With that goal, anyone can write and publish, we are working on “Ratatouille-Framework”. As of now, it is still undergoing development, but the end product can still be shared with some good CRITIQUES.

What does Ratatouille-Framework achieve? Many things. Here is just a quick summary

  • Easy to write/update/monitor updates to the book
  • Easy to collaborate with different authors
  • Author is free to focus on contents rather then fight with formatting
  • Auto Versioning to identify revision of book
  • Create various sizes of PDFs
  • Create Customized/stripped/full HTML Edition also
  • Use various fonts as chosen by end user or author
  • Create PDFs separately for Print Media and Screen Media (See
  • Continuous improvement and continuous delivery of major updates of the book
  • PDF Encryption
  • Emailing personalized PDFs
  • Preview Editions
  • Live Books

Go ahead to this online form and request the book of your choice. As of writing this article, following books are available in various page sizes and formats. You will receive your copy within 1 day.

  • The Gods of Mars
  • A Princess of Mars
  • The Bible, Old and New Testaments, King James Version
  • The Bible, New Testaments, King James Version
  • The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Sample Book (Just a preview of different features of  Ratatouille and how books are written into it. )

For the interested technical people, Ratatouille is built on top of Python,  Sphinx  and reStructuredText.   Two previews of the Sample Book are also attached.

Printed book sample 6in x 9in and eBook Sample, 16in x 9in, 2 Columns )

Updated jQuery to use Google CDN

Just updated to use jQuery from Google CDN

As of now, I don’t know how much difference would it make to end user. But I am just crossing my fingers that it does not break anything.  Do send me message, if you find anything broken.

By the way, if any one of you want to do the same on your sphinx page, I am sharing the patch/quick hack for the html template.


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