Women – The Goddess

A question was raised, in an earlier post. Should Women be counted equal to men? The response was as expected.

Any ways, here is my opinion. I am not sure if you have Devanagari (indic, hindi) fonts,

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते, रमन्ते तत्र देवा:।

This sentence alone means a lot. Let me try to break up the words for those unaware of Sanskrit.

यत्र (Where) नार्यस्तु (Women) पूज्यन्ते (Worshiped) रमन्ते- (Dwell,stay) तत्र (there) देवा:।(Gods)

Few women are worth worshiping. Its not difficult to identify these heavenly – divine species around you. For me my mother is the fore most. Hinduism also talks about many gods and goddesses. All are unique. But all deserve the same respect. The god in the temple, and the god in my home (my mother) all get the same respect from me.

I do not talk about the “self sustained dignity” type of females. Most agree that Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket. He deserves that place in History. But, Not all agree would with it. Atleast Sachin Tendulkar would deny this fact of being GOD of Cricket. Look for these kind of Goddesses around.

Think about this. And share your thoughts. Do you have someone around you, who deserves much more respect,. The higer place besides all Gods and Goddesses…

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  1. I think you have a big problem if you feel the need to make a statement about the status of woman. Is stupid tu put equal between man and woman, we are different ! Is not obious enough ??? But also we should not think that one is better then the other (man or woman). God is enerything and everybody, the only thing that makes a person closer to the ideea of God or Goddes is the way he or her is touch withi divinity. You and I are God so none of us is more or less holly then the other.


  2. Hi Too-Nice,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I really like your point on the God being within men and women. I would look forward to consolidate something interesting revolving around the same Idea within 140 words and tweet about it.


  3. 1. The very fact that you have quoted that Sanskrit quote and also say "Few women are worth worshiping" tell me that you think women should be worthy of worship. Sorry if I have misunderstood, but anyways, I believe in that (worshipping women). Unfortunately, your statement about few women being worthy of worship is true to a major extent. Everyone needs to behave decently and not do wrong, men included, but for being worship-worthy, women should be that extra notch higher. This probably sounds biased, but this seems to be what is written in ancient scriptures. Why? I have no idea. But it definitely means well (worshipping women), unfortunately nobody sees this and people start complaining about equality. I have not come across a similar notion (worshipping men) in Hinduism, hence, I think, it is just not fair to compare men and women. Also, if I say women are be worship-worthy and should behave accordingly, I am branded an MCP. 😀

    2. Perspective – when do you say a woman deserves to be worshipped? Looking at our Sastras, we would generally consider a woman to have worship-worthy qualities based on a mixture of the following – she is a good housewife/mother/daughter, is chaste, upholds family values, etc. It is also said the well-being of a family is (almost) totally dependent on how good the woman of the house is.
    But we really dont know if all these are relevant today. For instance, I cannot really respect a woman who wears skimpy clothes, but she might be a great mom/bread-winner for the family, etc. What to do? 99% of us would say our mom is the greatest woman we have known. But I humbly think the statement is relevant to us only, and relevant to the word "mother" as opposed to "woman". A woman needs to be a good mother to be a great woman, but being a great mother alone doesn't suffice, otherwise the world today would be a much better place. 🙂

    Just my two paise. No offence intended to anyone.

  4. Hi Kaushik,

    Your two paise are worth much more than what you would imagine. I must thank you for sharing your perspective with us.

    I am not going to give a word to word reply. We are not poets/authors to have the *EXACT* word for the exact feeling. I am more or less in agreement with your thoughts.

    There's also a (controvercial) saying, "if its sweet, there's more to be added to truth." Don't worry if the truth was little bitter.

  5. Should Women be counted equal to men?

    If you ask me, Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus as far as peer relations (spouse, friends, colleague) are concerned. They are different and that's the cause of both friction and attraction between them. You could see the difference even in children who don't know anything about sexuality. For e.g. A boy would yearn for toy guns, HE-man, troopers, cricket bat etc…while you'll find the girl playing quietly with her barbie doll in the corner…God made us different and "different" cannot be "equal"….that said…I am not quantifying who is much or who is less….just trying to state that comparision is irrevlent.

    As for spiritual stuff…in this kalyug showing mere respect to a (stranger) women would be close to worshipping…and I believe any sane and sensible men would do that…

    just my 0.00000000002 billion dollars on the subject 🙂

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