4 thoughts on “Should women be counted equal to men”

  1. Why would anyone not want women to be in the same league as men ? The point women should drive home should not be of a feminist’s like shobha de who finds revelation in women towering over men etc which would result in a huge backlash and subsequent rigging over what men have achieved and what women have achieved – which would tilt the debate towards men and then, women will step in and say ” Behind the success of evry man there is a woman” and such useless mongering or rhetoric over a non-existent phenomena..

    No scientific study has proved that women are inferior to men albeit a slightly smaller brain( it is proven nobody uses their brain to the fullest so this is again non-existent) and much lesser physical strength . But this is no deterrent when it comes to success at the highest echelons of society..

  2. No, women should not be counted as equals to men. I think women can do better.

  3. Frankly, I think that the "men versus women" fuss is hardly any different than the racism or certain aspects of the religious battles that floods this world. certain women are strong or can run fast or are smarter than their male counterparts in whichever fields they are concerned; this is the mark of the individual, and has nothing to do with his or her gender or race or religion.
    The problem is that it is practically impossible to weed out presumptions and stereotypes. But ideally, for roles that have no physical basis for gender (e.g. a man cannot [under normal circumstances] give birth), there should no be discrimination.

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