Development updates for My book on Eclipse

Off late, I have been really busy with my family and could not spend time over my book…

I must admit. Apart from minor modifications, there have not been much updates.  The only major update I can boast of is migration to  It was also a minor effort to put the 301 redirection in place from  But hold your breaths, soon I will be publishing ebook.  Right now I am investigating which platform should I use to publish the ebook.

But so far, I found an interesting fact.  Google seems to dominate the market by a huge margin for me…

After the popular Vampire Saga, eclipse is by default a misleading search term.  On the other hand there is a wide gap in the search number of visitors of each search engine.

Search Engine
Google 1181
Google Images 8
Bing 5
Yahoo! 3

From my end, I am not biased to either search engine.  Each search engine has access to my sitemap. But on the other end, either the Technical users are biased or the other search engines are biased to me.